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Electric Vehicles The Future of Transport

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E - Charge Forum

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E- Charge Forum 2024

International Summit on Electric Vehicle Charging Technology & Infrastructure 19 September 2024

Theme: EV Charging Infrastructure and the latest technology trends in EV Charging
Backbone of E- Mobility

E- Charge Forum is an International Summit focus on Electric Vehicle Charging Technology & Infrastructure and dedicated to EV Industry experts, EV Charging Equipment Manufacturers and Charging Infrastructure Developers to explore and establish electrical infrastructure and charge points to meet the needs of a new generation of electric vehicles and a platform to discuss about the development Challenges and opportunities in the industry and a high-level networking for the people of Electric Vehicle Charging Technology & Infrastructure sector. It is also an open platform to exchange the views, share the knowledge to promote the EV Charging infrastructure in India. The main aim of the forum is to make India significant player in Electric Vehicle Charging Technology & Infrastructure.

The main objective of the E- Charge Forum is to create a single platform where the Government, Non-Government, Industry Associations, State Government, Autonomous bodies, EV Manufacturers, Charging Infrastructure Provider , Research and Development organizations ,Battery Management Systems ,Central and State Renewable energy Departments and concern government institutions ,Buyers, Sellers, Training Centres, Investors, corporate and others of various industry professionals get together in one venue, thereby enabling the growth of EV Industry in India.

E- Charge Forum is also bringing to the table a unique partnership platform, the best minds of the world from the Electric Vehicle Charging Technology & Infrastructure fraternity, regulators, investors, government agencies, grid and charging station operators, and OEMs together under a roof during the E- Charge Forum meet to provide an opportunity to understand the role of different stakeholders in building a nationwide charging network. This event will provide a platform for all stakeholders across the automotive and electrical vehicle industry to network and build business relationships and explore new technologies and innovations in the industry

E- Charge Forum -International Summit on Electric Vehicle Charging Technology & Infrastructure is a 2-day networking event will bring together experts from the fields of E-mobility, Innovation, Sustainability, Utility, R&D to discuss how E-charging Infrastructure will support the growth of E-mobility in the future and debate between industry experts on the key topics of EV charging infrastructure and the latest technology trends in EV Charging.

E- Charge Forum will be acting as a facilitator in forging bonds between the EV Industry, Trade Associations, Government agencies and individual Manufacturers & Service Providers. It helps in bridging the gaps in the communication by enabling a smooth environment for networking, collaborations, strategizing and provides scope for partnership opportunities through its annual event every year during EV India Expo.